Covered: BARGA - TIGLIO From the Fornacetta, is covered or the grip road on the left of the church continuing then to right in light climb, until to enter on the rotabile, or follows the same rotabile, until finding, to right, one tightened road in reduction (marks them); after little meters a crossroad, we take on the left the way that continues plane, we exceed a first group of houses (the Greenhouse), we arrive therefore the Giuncheto locality, where it begins the old road, used a time with the mules, that it connected Barga to Tiglio. A torrent is exceeded on bridge in stone, meets some houses, one nail head (Jump of the Devil), therefore an other small torrent; it begins hour the climb towards the country of Low Tiglio (542 s.l.m.). Caught up the small public square of the country (with Fontana, ca. 1 hour) we can choose the routes: Distance: 9 Km.



A) to go up until the castle of High Tiglio (670 s.l.m. - with wide panorama and important works in the church), using the main road or a path, therefore or to return behind towards Barga or to continue towards Filecchio-Loppia-Fornaci. From the small public square the road is caught up salting on the left between the houses, then or it is continued to right for road asphalted, or the visible path on the opposite side of the same one, little meters on the left. B) to continue the distance towards Filecchio-Loppia-Fornaci. From the small public square we turn to right and, after little tens of meters, we find a road asphalted that we will follow to right, in reduction, until the periphery of Filecchio (ca. 1h). We follow the white man-red signs towards the old path that will lead to us to Loppia (15) and to its splendid Romanesque Pieve. From the Pieve we follow the road asphalted that goes more ahead on the Provincial one, that we follow on the left, until catching up the historical nucleus of Fornaci di Barga (160 s.l.m. - 20). To right of the church of the SS Name of Maria, it knows them one tightened road, than it will bring back to us to Barga. It is begun to go up then, before on road asphalted on earth. To a crossroad to follow the path of right (marked), little after there is the short one drawn that it demands a minimum of attention, some scalini of struck earth are gone up, then one short steep road in stone us door between two houses: on the left it is arrived to a asphalted road (we can follow this) that Hospital passes in zone, but above all to the near church of Saint Francisco (beautifulst works of Of the Robbia) and reaches therefore the center of Barga; or villa is continued along the old road, passing of Blond to the old forehead; joints to a asphalted road are continued on the left for approximately 300 meters, then newly to right on mulattiera until intercrossing the rotabile, in loc. Panorama, 200 meters from the large square of the Pit. Distance:



knows them on the left (to right continues the track B1 for Filecchio-Fornaci di Barga), between the houses and the road Barga-Tiglio is intercrossed; we feed the path on the opposite side of the same one, little meters on the left, than in a fresh forest it knows them until the castle of High Tiglio (670 s.l.m.). We follow hour the road asphalted, after little hundreds of meters it begins on the left an tightened asphalted road, that we will follow until to a successive crossroad, where we will continue on the left on earth road. To the successive crossroad we still hold left the signs), for a good feature the distance is wide much, then it becomes path and it begins to go up with greater slope, always in the forest; it is increased then newly and it continues wide to right and in reduction, we must instead turn on the left newly on path in climb and he is arrived to the asphalted road, on which he is come down and he is followed (on a hairpin curve are parkes bench and tables) until Bebbio; little beyond 300 meters) it begins on the left the return path, in correspondence of one lateral place to the road (loc. the Lair). Continuing along the road asphalted for approximately 1 km, Rena is caught up said “delle Lupine” that Bridge of Catagnana arrives in locality; endured country outside we intercross a asphalted road, we turn on the left and in short (100 m.) we arrive to the bridge and little more ahead we go to long right one tightened road that they to the village of Catagnana knows. We are always to right and to the term the road it begins the old road for mules, at times still very lastricata, for Sommocolonia. The mulattiera was, until little decades ago, the olnly wayl of connection for Sommocolonia (692 s.l.m.). We travel over again in reduction a road for mules feature, little after the votiva nail head of S. Rocco, takes the path to right that comes down in a forest of chestnut trees (after rains this drawn can be slippery), exceeds a little bridge over the River Villese, along shortly in order to go back itself then, along the Agricultural border of “II Turello”, until to one road grip; a wide panorama is covered in reduction having of forehead on goes them and the Alps Apuane; it is intercrossed after ca. 800 m. another road: to right it can be continued until to Albiano (417 s.l.m.), to approximately 500 m. (bar-restaurant “La Terrazza”) and then to return behind, otherwise is come down for a path or the road asphalted, until to enter on that one of Barga-Castelvecchio Pascoli (where it is possible to visit the house of the poet); we cross the road and to flank of a votive chapel there is the path that leads to the bridge on the Corsonna torrent. Beyond the bridge a path laughed them until to a group houses (locality Side) from where they knows itself, on the left, the steep on a flagstone road that in short leads back us to the modern center of Barga.